Bénédicte DUBART

About Benedicte DUBART

Born in Lille in 1959
Bénédicte DUBART, now a woman sculptor, very quickly knew that her steps would lead her to an extraordinary and free life.
After ten years of writing in a communication agency, she began to “write in the clay”. A free and professional artist, she settled down in 1991.
Bénédicte Dubart’s art is the direct, bare-handed sculpture of a just, fast and powerful model. She inscribes in it everything that touches her. In the lineage of the great masters, emotion is always present.
From 77 to 93, she graduated at the top of her class in Tournai’s “Graduation Arts Plastiques” programme. She spent ten years working in communication agencies, then went back to school to study sculpture at the E.S.A.A.T.
In 1997 she opened her modelling training centre in Marcq in Barœul, then in Lille and Croix in 2012, and finally in Warneton since the beginning of 2017, in her refurbished linen dryer.

“Clinging to the clay, with her nail and bleeding soul, the artist pierces the material and makes a child out of it”.
Françoise Vandenbusch

Last but not least, every year she creates several original bronze pieces which regularly meet with the admiration of the public and French and foreign collectors.