Bénédicte DUBART's friends, painters, sculptors and other artists.

Sculptor for close to 30 years, Benedicte gets a lot of friends artists, painters, sculptors or writers. On this page you will find links towards the sites of these friends who, thanks to their artistic talents, share with her the donation of creating emotions or the desire of promoting their talents.

Galeries and websites :

Galerie Montmartre  (Paris) :http://daliparis.com/fr/galerie-d-art

Galerie Wagner (Le Touquet) :http://www.galeriewagner.com

Galerie Lieve Lambrecht (Merendree, Belgique) :http://www.lievelambrecht.be 

Akoun's editions : http://www.akoun.com

Galerie Aura (Montréal, Québec) : http://www.galerieaura.com


Joël CUNIN : http://cuninjoel.over-blog.com

Joëlle CULLEN /http://www.johannecullen.com

Adeline FLIPO : http://mathieu.flipo.free.fr

Jacek HAZUKA : http://www.jacekhazuka.com

Bernard KOWALCZUK : http://www.kowalczuk.fr

Isabelle VENET : http://www.isabelle-venet.com 

Plastic artists:

Anne REQUILLART : http://www.annerequillart.com

Carina TORNATORIS : http://carinatornatoris.canalblog.com

Goedel VERMANDERE : http://coup-de-foudre.be


Thierry DELANNOY : http://passe-compose.be

Rémy MOTTE : http://www.remy-motte.fr

Jean-François Wuillai : Site de Jeff

Partenaires :

M. Ludovic Avangini : www.fonderie-avangini.fr

M. Pierre Tichkiewitch : http://www.cigaleetfourmi.fr

Art Casting : http://www.artcasting.be