On this page, some comments extracted from golden book of Atelier HD, or from exhibitions, even from letters or mails addressed to the artist.

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" The force of Rodin, the flight of Camille Claudel cleared of her voile, having attained perfection. One " very big " bravo. What a love. What a force... It's top. "

" Congratulations! What a talent! Continue making us to dream. Bravo! "

" We are respected and full of emotion to may live encircled with your works. Thank you! "

" Madam, I wanted to thank you for your tremendous reception and these splendid sculptures. "

" Life, living in persistence, the clash, but hope as well. Thank you for this work which gives courage and encourages us to live. "

" Magnificent collection, full of emotions and artistic genius. "

"Thanks for this magnificent exhibition, and your work are actually unforgettables."

"...and as usual, we dream by contempling your sculptures, it's really splendid !"

" I was strolling in the district of N.D. de la Treille... my eyes stopped on the sculpture "At the edge of the World" and I became upset…! Thank you by all my heart for this emotion which I preciously keep like a gift of life."

"I find it (At The Edge Of The World) carrying an extraordinary symbolic system of impulse, audacity, openmind, emotional cohesion and confidence in the Life. I see it like a strong message…"

"...We therefore present  you "At the Edge of the World". It's your gift : a magnificent bronze of Benedicte Dubart, both spiritual and sensual, lightweight and protector, air and land. In short, we love."

" ...And now these two men who bear on their shoulders the cracks that the life brings us, but look like speaking, supporting themselves, communicating through souls ... and this name which also evokes us such painful memories... Finally each one will make his own interpretation but it is clear it's your talent which gives force and grace to this striking work !"