Bénédicte DUBART is a woman sculptor, a Master one.

Born in 1959, she works the mud and completes bronzes for more than twenty years

She participated in numerous exhibitions, is accounted in galleries in France and abroad, has realized private and public sculptures, and she continues surprising by the perfection of her art and emotions they inspire.

There is no other truth than the one we find in the depth of ourselves. That’s why Bénédicte Dubart sculpts only   what she feels. Deeply autobiographic, her work calls the feelings of each, faced with misery, misfortune, joy, love.

Far from slipping into the strange and chaotic philosophy that prevails at the end of last century and tired of provocation for provocation's sake, innovation to be innovative, that leads only to ease for comfort, she leans more to towards those ideas of the Masters : Michaelangelus, Carpeaux, Rodin and Claudel, Bourdèle, Maillol who came before her to show both the force and energy of movement and the harmony of the whole.

After 10 years of study in the necessary and arduous techniques of the figurative sculpture, she « lets herself be led both day and night by the energy from above ». When art seems to be becoming a cultural consumer product, Benedicte DUBART gives time without pecuniary thought.

To impatient to sketch designs on paper, she touch and moulds the clay directly using life models. Her sculptures are figurative giving only essentials, leaving only shadows and light.

The essentials

Kept the essential, her work is far from this "overdetail" which takes away its force and draws the spectator to the sculpture's artistry and unsignificant details.

For Benedicte, life cannot be grasped only by talent but in her ability to work its movement, grace and hardships in which lies the truth.

The life

So, no "porcelain dolls" with posture for posture where the soul is absent. Benedicte shows the curves of force rather than the absolute form, works in the atmosphere of the moment where she feels the flow trought her fingers, the language of the soul.

This duality is what makes Benedicte DUBART worthy to be considered as a Master.

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