Honors of the press

03-Apr-2017 | Categories:

With the opportunity of the new Laurence DESMAZIERES' edition and the presentation of her new sculpture "Go touch the wind", the two artists are the subject of a short article in "La Voix du Nord". (...)

Benedicte workshop on Croix's newspaper

11-Feb-2016 | Categories:

La municipalité de Croix a inséré un article sur Bénédicte et son atelier de Croix. Vous pouvez le lire page 18 de ce magazine en cliquant ici


Webzine Crazy

09-Feb-2016 | Categories:

Havana (Détail)Benedicte DUBART is subject of an article in CRAZY, the Webzine of the positive buzz. Discover what makes her a personality fitting with the (...)

2016 Lille Art'Up

09-Feb-2016 | Categories:

It's again with DagArt, a  polish gallery, that the works of Benedicte DUBART will be exhibited at the Lille Art'up 2016 Exhibition. Come and discover her new creations from 25th to 28th of February, at D305 booth.

Créativallée article

05-Jan-2015 | Categories:

Créativallée is an association of persons engaged for the promotion of the Hauts de France.

The pleasure of working together, the happiness to make (...)