Arts en Val de Lys

30-Mar-2014 | Categories:

Affiche de la manifestationBenedicte DUBART takes part in the next exhibition to the profit of the "Handy Chiens" association, (...)

At the Edge of the World

14-Feb-2014 | Categories:

Come to discover the recent creation of Benedicte DUBART which meet a great success at the exhibition Lille Art'up 2014.
Indeed the sculpture "At the Edge of World", bronzes suspended and moving, is regularly photographed, filmed, mentionned in articles and comments of the many visitors who discover it at the C6 stand.

Lille Art'up 2014

14-Feb-2014 | Categories:

It's the "Dagmara Kowal Gallery" 's stand which was choosen by the local news paper "La Voix du Nord" about the unveiling of the famous contemporary art fair : Lille Art'Up.

The statues of Benedicte DUBART thus appear in it in good place as well as the very XXL format (...)

A discovery in Lille Art'up

08-Feb-2014 | Categories:

Bénédicte will be represented by the Dagmara Koval Gallery at the next international contemporary art fair : Lille Art'Up (stand C6). (...)

Lille Art'up exhibition

19-Jan-2014 | Categories:

This year again, the statues of Benedicte DUBART will be exhibited at the new edition of the most famous modern art fair of Lille.

Pecularly, the very new sculpture "Au.   Cette année de nouveau, les oeuvres de Bénédictes DUBART seront exposées lors de l'édition 2014 du plus grand salon d'art contemporain de Lille.

En particulier, la toute nouvelle sculpture "Au bord du monde ( (...)