Braderie de Lille

08-Sep-2014 | Categories:

Yalla et braderieDuring the annual stock sale of Lille, the "Atelier HD" remained open all the day of Saturday and Sunday.

For the occasion, "The pond", "Yalla" and "At The Edge of the World" were (...)

Exhibition at "Lieve Lambrecht's Gallery"

30-May-2014 | Categories:

Photo d'AndromèdeIt's in the countryside of Merendree (close to Gent, Belgium) that Lieve Lambrecht accommodates in his gallery a selection of Benedicte's works accompanied by two Belgian painters

Save the date for (...)

Arts in the Lys valley (France)

06-Apr-2014 | Categories:

Au Bord du Monde en expoThe unveiling of "Arts in the Lys Valley" has taken place at everyone's satisfaction. Exposed works are, as usual, at an excellent level and Benedicte DUBART received the city honor medal for her (...)

Arts en Val de Lys

30-Mar-2014 | Categories:

Affiche de la manifestationBenedicte DUBART takes part in the next exhibition to the profit of the "Handy Chiens" association, (...)

At the Edge of the World

14-Feb-2014 | Categories:

Come to discover the recent creation of Benedicte DUBART which meet a great success at the exhibition Lille Art'up 2014.
Indeed the sculpture "At the Edge of World", bronzes suspended and moving, is regularly photographed, filmed, mentionned in articles and comments of the many visitors who discover it at the C6 stand.