Isabelle VENET exhibition

22-Sep-2015 | Categories:

After a very successful launch this weekend, the exhibition of Isabelle VENET paintings is prolonged each afternoon at the showrrom. The two artists are sharing the reception in the gallery and have already received many visitors and customers.

Benedicte's works exhibited in Tournai

17-May-2015 | Categories:

9 Artists in TournaiGery Descamps will host Benedict and 8 other artists in his home of Tournai in a new edition of "Home Sweet Art".

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Exhibition in Tournai (Belgium)

16-Apr-2015 | Categories:

Invited by Gery Descamp, Benedicte will expose, with other artists, a few of her works in Tournai from Thursday the 4th to Sunday the 7th of in his exhibition "Home Sweet Art N°2". 

Short film European festival

11-Apr-2015 | Categories:

Bénédicte et M. Radford au showroomIn the aftermath of the inauguration evening, Michael Ratford, sponsor of the festival, has chosen to visit Benedict in his showroom of N. (...)

Short film Lille's festival

06-Apr-2015 | Categories:

TrophéeRequested by the Short Film Festival of Lille, Benedicte has agreed to create and provide the trophies of the 31st edition.