Open door days

24-Oct-2013 | Categories:

Pain extra-large dans la cuisineNumerous visitors and friends have visited the exhibition organized at Fabricia's home. She has invited Delphine Boulanger and Benedicte DUBART. The environment was excellent as well as the ambiance.

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Artists' workshop open doors

17-Oct-2013 | Categories:

Jean-François WULLAI et Fabricia LEPOUTRE, Bénédicte DUBART, Delphine Prouvost are happy of welcoming you for the open doors of artists' workshops, the 18th, 19th et 20th of October

at Fabricia's home, 469B Avenue René Ladreyt à CYSOING.

Unveiling  Friday the 18th of october at 6:PM.

Saturday the 19th, 3:pm to 7:pm