Unveiling of "Go touch the wind"

19-Mar-2017 | Categories:

Vernissage au 15bis rue du CirqueFriday 17 March, Benedicte presented her new creation "Go touch the wind", while Laurence Desmazières has proposed a new set of pictures. On this occasion, a photo has been attributed tamong visitors, and a statue "Ensemble c'est tout" gilded (...)

Modelling trainings starting february

08-Feb-2017 | Categories:

The courses resume as per this Wednesday 8th of February at 7:30 pm, then tomorrow (now the whole Thursday every fifteen days). They will take place "Chemin de la Fouine" in Warneton while the work is progressing in the workshop nearby.

Warneton workshop

05-Feb-2017 |
Warneton workshopFrom the visit of the lax dryer building where Benedicte is installing her workshop, up to its unveiling while the development is on going.

Resumption of classes

02-Jan-2017 | Categories:

Although the development of Benedicte's workshop is just beginning, she has found a place where restart the courses in the neighbourhood of Warneton from 8th of february. Each week on Wednesday evening or Thursdays every fifteen days, come or come back, to learn your hands to shape the clay. 

Quickly take contact by mail or return the registration form ; do (...)

Portes ouvertes

30-Sep-2016 |

Benedcite will welcome you, although'absent from the edited guide for the Open Doors Days of  artists workshops, taking place on the first weekend of October, in her walls of her new workshop in Warneton (2, Route de Quesnoy).

Saturday, the trainees of the summer training will be there to run their patinas, under advices of their master, on their cooked clays. (...)