Moving the workshop

05-Sep-2012 | Categories:

Bénédicte DUBART worked one year in a spacious house close to B'Twin village.

The 4th of september, a lot of bénédicte's student helped her to move the whole workshop in order to stay now in a charming new place, 34 Avenue de Flandre in Croix.

A very good mood during this move with a shiny weather, which took all the day and where sculptures (...)

Inspirés par le tango

13-Jul-2012 |
Inspirés par le tangoBenedicte DUBART is also dancer of tango that she learnt and danced during a long period. This activity and a trip in Buenos Ayres inspired her a series of sculptures of dancers whose sensuality and movement she immortalized.


13-Jul-2012 |
TorsoesAmong numerous bronzes of BÉNÉDICTE DUBART some torsoes of famous figures or individuals' order.

Brunehaut-Pré training

09-Jul-2012 |

At the beginning of the summer (July 6-7-8, 2012), pupils of BÉNÉDICTE DUBART got benefit of an amazing location for a modeling training period which has been achieved in a studious and convivial atmosphere.

In spite of a not very cooperative weather, picnic, relaxations, promenade in the fields, and visit of the farm had liven up the stay.

After three days of work and (...)

Training at Brunehaut-Pré

08-Jul-2012 |
Training at Brunehaut-PréJuly 2012: In a splendid XVI century squared farm, Bénédicte friendly received students who got her advises all along the three days. Pose appraise by the model inspires every student and allowed to discover or improve their technics of modelling. You may suscribe on this website to receive information about next trainings or on-going weekly trainings.