A mongolian adventure

20-Nov-2012 | Categories:

A weekend of persevered work, helped by numerous friends, workers of the close construction site, Mongolians come on purpose, Benedicte set up the yurt she was waiting for in the Croix workshop garden.

The Gods accompanied benevolently this construction site, the result of which is as magical as the atmosphere of friendship and fascination which (...)

Benedicte's yurt

19-Nov-2012 |
Benedicte's yurt Week-end of 16th, 17th and 18th of november, Benedicte, friends and student of her, professionals and Mongolians collaborated in assembling a large yurt in her Croix workshop. Unveiling, lessons of modelling and exhibitions of sculptures are going to be held there.

Press news

22-Oct-2012 | Categories:

La Voix du Nord published an article folowing the inauguration of the Atelier HD, 15, Rue du Cirque in Lille old town (Clic on the picture to enlarge): (...)

HD Showroom

16-Oct-2012 |

Please, let's notice that the works of Bénédicte DUBART is visible at the Atelier HD that she shares with Jacek HAZUCA :

Façade de l'atelier HD

15bis rue du Cirque, Lille.

Friday and saturday afternoons, or by appointment (...)

Opening HD workshop (next...)

05-Oct-2012 | Categories:

Invités de la soiréeA lot of people the 4th october evening at the opening where numerous art's amators and collectors met and rediscover the Atelier HD which had undergone a renovation in this opportunity.

Painting of Jacek (...)