After the unveiling

15-Dec-2012 | Categories:

A short article has been issued in the local newspaper after the unveiling of Maurice SCHUMANN statue (see after). Soon a photos album will be set up on this site ; don't hesitate to sned us your own pictures if you have :


Mr Alain Juppé unveils the Maurice Schumann's bronze

12-Dec-2012 | Categories:

Under a bright winter sun, the unveiling of Maurice SCHUMANN'S torso took place the 12th of december under the presidency of Mr Alain JUPPE, ancient prime minister, in the presence of the artist, of many other personalities and of Mr Schumann's family.

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Exposition au Conseil régional

12-Dec-2012 |

En raison de problèmes techniques à l'Hôtel de région, l'exposition de Bénédicte Dubart au Conseil régional prévue à partir du 17 décembre, est reportée au mois de mars 2013.

Unveiling of Maurice SCHUMANN's torso

07-Dec-2012 | Categories:

As it was announced by the local newsletter, "Images de Marcq", the unveiling of Maurice SCHUMANN's monumental torso, realised by Benedicte DUBART for Marcq en Barœul will take place the 12th of december at 11 o'clock.

Article Image de Marcq (...)

Torso of Maurice Schumann

20-Nov-2012 |

End of 2011 and beginning of 2012, Benedicte DUBART spend numerous hours on a torso of Maurice SCHUMANN ordered by the city of Marcq en Baroeul.

Soon this monumental bronze torso will be inaugurated near the town hall...