Benedicte DUBART quotation

28-Sep-2013 | Categories:

Benedicte DUBART begins to be quoted on official artists websites, like Akoun .com

Auction sale at Drouot

05-Sep-2013 | Categories:

Photo d'éclipse The art expert Dominique Stal has choosen "L'éclipse" from the works of Benedicte DUBART for his next auction sale at Drouot (Paris).

This Benedicte's bronze (Lot 190) will stand between Picasso's, Vasarely's, Nicki de Saint Phalle's, (...)

Sculpture training

31-Aug-2013 |

Sculptures training courses, dispensed by Benedicte DUBART, will start first week of october. Request for insciption may be uploaded here.

Exhibition at Villa Ronsard

22-Jun-2013 |

Please, let's have look on the first pictures of Villa Ronsard exhibition. The unveiling of friday evening was attended by around 150 peoples who discover or rediscover Benedictes'statues, Gordon HOPKINS paintings and the slendid architecture and gardens of Villa Ronsard.

Vue de la fenêtre  (...)

Private party at "Villa Ronsard"

11-Jun-2013 |

Ask for an invitation to attend at the private party organised by François-Xavier MOREL et Denis DRUON friday evening the 21st of june. They will welcome friends and amators at the "Villa RONSARD", 25 Avenue de la Marne at Tourcoing where Benedicte's sculptures and paintings of Gordon HOPKINS will remain exposed the all week-end.