Statues gallery

Sculptures which surprise, which astonishe, which make vibrate.

Enthralled by Rodin and Camille Claudel, Benedicte DUBARTfinds her inspiration by transcending the beauty of the human body.


She opens here the hollow of her hands full of this dark clay that illuminates the grace and beauty of her models, the powerful emotions of her poses.

  • Warneton workshop

    Warneton workshop

    From the visit of the lax dryer building where Benedicte is installing her workshop, up to its unveiling while the ...
    Sun 05 Feb 2017
  • Statues gallery

    Statues gallery

    Mon 06 May 2013
  • Exposition Rodin (Montréal)

    Exposition Rodin (Montréal)

    This summer, Benedicte DUBART went to Montréal to see the exhibition of RODIN's worls; more than 200 hundred ...
    Sun 23 Aug 2015
  • From clay to bronze

    From clay to bronze

    In her workshop or at the foundry, the art of Bénédicte DUBART is always inspired, precise. It needs as much ...
    Wed 04 Jul 2012 • 1 Comment(s)
  • At the edge of the world

    At the edge of the world

    Let's discover the birth of this recent sculpture of Benedicte DUBART, revealed in suspension at the Art Up ...
    Mon 24 Feb 2014
  • Art'Up exhibition (Lille, France)

    Art'Up exhibition (Lille, ...

    Large success of Benedicte at the exhibition Art'Up (Lille 2014) with her new creations as her suspended bronze ...
    Tue 18 Feb 2014
  • Benedicte DUBART's works

    Benedicte DUBART's works

    Some pictures of Bénédicte DUBART's work. Ask us about price and disponibility by mail ...

    Tue 03 Jul 2012
  • Benedicte's yurt

    Benedicte's yurt

    Week-end of 16th, 17th and 18th of november, Benedicte, friends and student of her, professionals and Mongolians ...
    Mon 19 Nov 2012
  • Workshops atmospheres

    Workshops atmospheres

    Around Benedicte, workshops are imbued with a magical atmosphere where creation and emotion are mixed with looking ...
    Mon 10 Sep 2012
  • Creating Maurice Schumann's torso

    Creating Maurice Schumann's ...

    To create the torso of Maurice Schumann is a long process which needed about 9 months of Benedicte DUBART's work.
    Wed 23 Jan 2013
  • 2014 Summer training

    2014 Summer training

    The summer internship took place at everyone satisfaction and modellings dried gently while waiting for the ...
    Mon 14 Jul 2014
  • Training at Brunehaut-Pré

    Training at Brunehaut-Pré

    July 2012: In a splendid XVI century squared farm, Bénédicte friendly received students who got her advises all ...
    Sun 08 Jul 2012